I am a well-rounded, versatile performer with skills in various static and dynamic aerial acts as well as ground-based acrobatics. I work well as part of an ensemble, and also have a solid solo presence. I perform hand to hand as a base and a flyer, and catch and fly on the flying trapeze. My solo acts highlight a compelling blend of grace, strength, and daring. I have developed a variety of strong aerial acts, including Flying Trapeze, Aerial Net, Lyra, Fabric, Double Swinging Trapeze, Static Trapeze, and Spanish Web. I have been lucky enough to train and perform with mentors including Richie Gaona, Alex and Robinson Cortes, Peter Gold, and Tony Steele. This work has been showcased for five consecutive years at Montreal’s International Circus Festival; Montreal Completement Cirque, where I have performed as part of the Flying Trapeze attraction with Cirque Carpe Diem. I have a solid foundation in aerial dance, having performed with Baltimore-based Air Dance Bernasconi for seven seasons.