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E-mail: sara@saradeull.com
Montreal: 514.677.4138
USA: 202.368.7450

Like many before me, I ran away to join the circus at a young age – starting with gymnastics at age four. I first took to the air at seven. Twenty years later, I continue to learn and develop as a circus artist and teacher. I’ve trained, performed, and coached with amazing people in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. For me, circus is an inspiring and constantly challenging adventure that connects physical, spiritual, and artistic growth for individuals and communities, brings joy to audiences young and old, and demonstrates that nothing is really impossible. My circus journey began in the USA at Independent Lake Camp, and took me to the Zip Zap School of Circus Arts for Social Change, in Cape Town, South Africa. With Zip Zap I trained, and discovered the power of circus as a tool for social transformation – especially for young people and communities at risk.

In 2007, I became a social circus trainer certified through Cirque du Monde, the Global Citizenship program of Cirque du Soleil. After high school, teaching in South Africa, a training residency at Circo del Mundo in Chile, and a performance tour in Turkey, I moved to Montreal where I began a “double life” as student and circus performer. I enrolled at McGill University, where I received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Latin American Studies. I also enjoyed an active circus career, including teaching flying trapeze at Trapezium and performing as part of Cirque Carpe Diem and Cirquantique. I deepened my understanding of social circus and Latin America by teaching at the Machincuepa Circo Social in Mexico City, and later received a fellowship to work in Brazil with the social circus organization Crescer e Vivir. I do not know what the future will bring, but I look forward to riding the circus train to new adventures.